ARS 9.1.04 Dispatch : Operation cancelled due to error (ARAPPERR 4502)

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    ARS 9.x


    This is an intermediate issue, Customer see errors like :
    Dispatch : Operation cancelled due to error (ARAPPERR 4502)

    After this errors , The impact is that the server uses a lot of memory when this error appears and after 2-3 hours becomes nearly unresponsive need to restart the server in order to restore the service.


    Basically error comes as somehow 2 servers are trying to delete the same record from application pending. As one server is successful doing that, other server gets error 4502.


    1> Check records from Operation Ranking form related to SLM and wherever it is set to Rank 2, go to the server of that record shows and open armonitor.conf file, we can comment out SLM related plugin entries(slmbrsvc.exe) in armonitor.conf file.

    2> Comment out SLM Collector plugins(slmcollsvc.exe) from both the servers as SLM Collector is not supported and this could be one of the reason for ERROR 4502.


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