Midtier armonitor cannot stop/start Tomcat successfully on a Windows platform

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Midtier 9.1.04 installed against an existing Tomcat on a Windows platform


    If the Midtier 9.1.04 is installed against an existing Tomcat, the armonitor process will not be able to stop/start the Tomcat service successfully. 

    You may see the following sequence of errors in the arfiledeployer.log

    INFO  com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer.PayloadProcessor  - Starting process BMC:MidtierWebServer
    INFO  com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer.PayloadProcessor  - Verifying if external process is running
    INFO  com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer.PayloadProcessor  - Verify if process BMC:MidtierWebServer is running
    ERROR com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer.PayloadProcessor  - Process BMC:MidtierWebServer failed to start.
    .... (above two lines repeat many times)
    ERROR com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer.PayloadProcessor  - Error while deploying payload with DEPLOYMENT ID IDGAA5V0GEOPXAPE1H7DPD4RQEQKZV : Errors while starting processes and verifying deployment. [Errors in starting processes and verifying deployment. [Process BMC:MidtierWebServer of type BMC:MidtierWebServer failed to start in 180 seconds]]
    2018-06-13 14:42:55,342 [main] INFO  com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer.PayloadProcessor  - Update the status of the payload as DEPLOYMENT FAILED


    Defect SW00543883 - resolved with release 1805


    Update the <midtier>\filedeployer\conf\armonitor.cfg to reflect this content:

      Environment-variable: BMC_MIDTIER_INSTALL_HOME=C:\Program Files\BMCSoftware9104\midtier 
      "<  C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_101\jre\bin\java>" -classpath "<C:\Program Files\BMCSoftware9104\midtier\filedeployer\arfiledeployer-9.1.04-SNAPSHOT.jar;C:\Program Files\BMCSoftware9104\midtier\filedeployer\arapi91_build003.jar>" com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer.ARFileDeployerDaemon -i "<C:\Program Files\BMCSoftware9104\midtier>" -mt Midtier -m 
      External-Process: process-type = BMC:MidtierWebServer,  service-name="Tomcat7"    

    Note:  you may need to change the paths to the Java and the filedeployer jar files.   The name of your service may also differ. 


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