Client Management: How to test if a device is reachable?

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    My device is red in the console, what can I test first?


    The only valid test is to run a telnet to ports 1610 or 1611 from device to its parent. If it doesn't work, then the agent won't be able to communicate with its parent.

    Valid test:
    - Connect to the child device locally, or by using RDP or by any other mean
    - telnet to port 1610 and 1611 from the child to its relay

    Important Note: ports 1610 and 1611 are the default ports, different ports might be set in the environment.

    To know which ports does the parent use:
    - select the parent in the console
    - go to Agent Configuration > Relay - This is the most important port the device will never be able to connect to its relay (usually it'll be the same than "Port" of the "Communication" sub-node)

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    - go to Agent Configuration > Communication

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    Invalid tests:

      - ping the device from its parent or from any other device in the world  
    - telnet from the parent to the device  
    - telnet from the device to any other device than the parent  
    - telnet from the device to any other port than the ports set in "Relay" or "Communication" (see above) 
    For more steps to troubleshoot connecting issues, please go through this case:   Troubleshooting: why isn't my windows client connecting to its relay?


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