TrueSight Capacity Optimization(TSCO) Investigate spinning cursor or returns error, " Connection refused (Connection refused)"

Version 42
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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0


    When going Investigate in TSCO 11.0 the Investigate page will only display a spinning cursor when trying to display large metrics.

    Another possible symptom is that an attempt to access Investigate returns the error, " Connection refused (Connection refused)"

    In this case, in the $CPITBASE/datahub/log/agent-data.log the following messages will be reported:

    2018-04-19 17:42:49,091 ERROR - BCO_DH_ERR011: [getAgentData] Error extracting data for server [hostname]- url:http://[hostname]:10129
    StackTrace: AxisFault
     faultCode: {}Server.userException
     faultString: Connection refused (Connection refused)
            {} Connection refused (Connection refused)



    This may be related to a defect that is fixed in TSCO Gateway Server Cumulative Hot Fix (CHF) # and later.  This is a patch on the TSCO Gateway Server.  The reason that the Investigate chart isn't responsive is that the request for data is causing the GeneralManagerServer which handles the data requests from the TSCO Agent Data Provider API to crash. This was causing the non-response to the initial data request and then causing subsequent data requests (until the process was restarted and there are automated processed in place that trigger the restart) to fail with the Connection Refused error.

    QM_ID: QM002365876
    DESCRIPTION: Investigate in  Long Message in the logs crashes the GeneralManagerServer

    Here is the information on how to obtain the latest TSCO Gateway Server Cumulative Hot Fix (CHF) package:

    Article Number:


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