BCM How to Recreate the upgrade and/or one-off operational rules and packages

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    I upgraded but no upgrade operational rules and/or packages were created, how do i re-import them?

    I upgraded and the upgrade operational rules are failing to install, how can I reset these operational rules/packages?

    How to Reset the OneOff/ Upgrade packages

    How to recreate the OneOff / Upgrade packages



    1. Go to this procedure again: Prepare your update to a new cumulative hotfix (OneOff)
    3. If you don't manage to delete some of these files you should probably read the KA 000122597.
    5. Delete the content from the folder ../master/upgrade/packages in the master installation folder
    7. Go to the folder where you extracted the upgrade installer files, then extract the folder ..\upgrade\files.zip\upgrade\packages\. It should contain several zip files for the clients OR and packages: linux.zip, linux64.zip, macosx.zip, winnt.zip, winx64.zip
    9. Copy these files to the master installation folder ../master/upgrade/packages
    11. In the Client Management console, click Tools > "Create Upgrade Packages" (or restart the service of the master, it should generate them as well)
       Here is an Detailed information with Screenshots:  
    • This Guide will help to recreate the One-OFF and Upgrade packages.
       Step 1: Unassigned all device groups [Very Important] and devices from all One-Off and Upgrade rules. If it's blank, then go to step 3.
    File packages
    • Click on each OpRule
    • Assigned objects
    • Device groups or devices
       User-added image
    Once devices or device groups unassigned. Then follow the Step 2

    Step 2:  Once devices/groups are unassigned then we have to delete the Operational Rules and Packages.
    Delete Operational rule Upgrade packages
    • Then delete those rules
    (In case you don't have this package listed here then skip to step 3)
    From your Package Factory\<Master>\Custom Package, delete all OneOff packages and Upgrade Packages
    User-added image
    Now delete the packages from Oneoff and Upgrade folder (It will contains all .cst files) as below:

    Delete the package from packages

    Upgrade package deletion
    • Also delete them from your Package node.
    • It is mandatory to verify the Lost and found one last time to ensure no package are present even after deletion if you have them to you need to clean-up them by unassigning all devices.
       Step 3: Download the full installer or Hotfix Installer and extract it.  
    • Depending on your Master operating system you must have download a hotfix/full package: (here is an example for Windows x64 master)
        Files location  
    • Extract your package in my case it was for 12.5.0 Build 170414n ZIP file but for your version it might be different or latest build.
    • Go into \Upgrade\Files.zip\upgrade\packages and select all following files. (Below is screenshot of 12.5 but you will find similar packages for all 12.x)
       Copy all packages

    Step 5:
    • Copy them into your \Master\upgrade\packages directory
       paste the package into master/upgrade/packages  
    • Then from BCM Console import ‘Create Upgrade Package’
       Upgrade the package using Tools  
    • New packages and rules will going to be appear on console in a couple of minutes with updated data and are ready to be assign to devices. Please do refresh to make it reappear into the console.

    • Once done you can verify if it's ready to assign any devices to it :     
      • -> Operational Rule-> Client Management Upgrade -> Assigned Objects -> Devices.
    • If it's not assigned on its own then may be wait for next identity to be send from client to devices. Once the Identity received it will be auto assigned to the upgrade package on its own.
    • Do not forget to verify for the Auto Agent Upgradation option.     
      • Global Settings -> System variable
      • -> Connection Management -> Automatic agent version Upgrade: Yes.       
        • If it's Set to No, then you'll package will not going to be assign on its own in order to auto-upgrade.


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