Event Driven AI Job with Variables

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    Hello All,


    because i haven't found a complete guide to trigger AI Jobs and give them variables via "Application Pending" Form (as described in Setting up event-driven jobs in Atrium Integrator - Documentation for BMC Atrium Core 9.1 - BMC Documentation ) i would like to share my solution approach with you:


    First of all, this is only an example, but it shows how it could work.


    • Application Pending has only one Filter "NGIE:EventJobStart" which fires on this form and is used for triggering the job
    • Overlay this filter so that it triggers only when no variables are needed (could be done by some custom field on application pending like a checkbox "use variables" for example).
    • Save the original filter with another name and add the qualification so that the filter knows that it has to create variables
      Application Pending Filter.png
    • extend this new filter with some logic (in my example i hardcoded the variable name and took the value from "Other Long" field from Application Pending)
    • Add the Value which you used for the Variable Set Name (in my Example "Other Long", but you could also generate some GUID here for unique Variable Sets) to the 2 Push Fields Actions to UDM:Execution like this:
    • In the Spoon Job you want to start with the given Variables create a Parameter with the same name as the Name you have pushed to the "Name"-Field in UDM:Variable
      AI Job.png
    • Be sure that the parameters are passed to the transformations in the job
    • Use the Variables in the transformations:

    Thanks for reading and enjoy starting you AI Jobs with variables set by workflow.