Webinar Recording: Unlock the Secrets of the DBA Toolkit

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    Ronnie Parker shows the powerful capabilities in the no charge BMC DBA Toolkit in this month's technical webinar.


    Unlock the secrets of the IMS Database Toolkit to manage all of your IMS databases (full-function, HALDB, Fast Path, and BMC PDF) from a single view and control. The Toolkit enables you to generate reorganization and backup JCL that’s optimized for your environment, and you can customize the JCL as needed. Learn how the Toolkit automatically discovers all IMS systems and the underlying databases and how it enables disassembly of IMS control blocks and mapping of DBDs and PSBs. 


    If you missed the session, you can view the recording here:

    How are you using the BMC DBA Toolkit? Respond to this document to get the conversation going and find out new things you can do with this innovative capability.