What is IBRSD?

Version 2

    IBRSD stands for “Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk”

    ·         It enables us to create tickets on the Remedy Service Desk in 2 ways:
    When an event is created on the cell, via an BMC Impact Manager rule, policy or action – This is known as ‘Enhanced Incidents (BMC Event Management)

    When a CI is impacted (either directly or via another CI), via an impact manager rule or policy – This is known as ‘Intelligent Incidents (Service Impact Management)

    It also enables cross launch functionality to launch Impact Explorer in context IM) collects source events from the Remedy Service Desk application.


    There are 3 modules that make up the IBRSD solution

    • IM Module - additional rules and classes added to the cell KB
    • Integration Module - The IBRSD integration executable
    • AR Module - Additional Forms and Workflow installed to the AR Server where Incident Management is installed