Automating Cisco ACI with BMC Network Automation

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    Objective of this article is to explain how BMC Network Automation can manage configuration and compliance of Cisco ACI (Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure).

    You can perform following operations on the Controller:

    • Compliance check and remediation
    • Restore device configuration to an earlier configuration.

    Also, you can perform following operations on end devices(LEAF/SPINE) via Controller:

    • Take backup and restore of end network device configuration.
    • Configuration push on multiple end devices.


    Attached are the sample templates (can be imported to BMC Network Automation server) which can be used as reference to deploy content on CISCO ACI to perform following operations:

    1. ADD TENANT – to add tenant
    2. ADD TENANT- APPLICATION PROFILE – to add Application Profile in respective Tenant
    3. DELETE TENANT- APPLICATION PROFILE – to delete Application Profile from respective Tenant
    4. DELETE TENANT – to delete tenant


    Apart from this, other use cases such as retrieve tenants and EPG information from an existing ACI fabric can be achieved via custom actions in BMC Network Automation.

    The biggest advantage of using BMC Network Automation for managing CISCO ACI is that you will get single pane of glass for managing heterogeneous devices across the organization.