Getting BBKS1036W CICS Get Queue found to be inactive during GET processing of CREGSYS record on region CICSTEST

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    MainView for CICS


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    Several MainView for CICS views fail to return data and receive multiple error messages including the BBKS1036W warning message.
    One of the views affected is CREGSYS but there are others.

    The CREGSYS view is failing with the following messages:   
       BBMXV335I Message(s) received from targets on DEV1       ---
       BBMXB614E Error detected in selector during Refresh
       -Related:BBKRE308W BBKS1036W CICS Get Queue found to be inactive during GET processing of CREGSYS record on region CICSTEST.
       BBMXV336I --- End of message(s) from targets on DEV1 ---
       BBMXV325I There is no data that satisfies your request.


    For views such as CREGSYS, MainView for CICS uses CICS API to collect the data.
    The CICS API requests are processed via BCRT Long Running transaction running on the CICS side.   

    The BBKS1036W message may be triggered if LRT is failing to process the CICS API requests.
    It may be that the LRT is not active.  This can be verified by using the CREGAGT view.

    Use the MVI CUSTomization command in CREGAGT view and issue E (Show Excluded) to enable hidden fields.
    Check if WORK LRT Status field for the CICS target is ACTIVE or INACTIVE..
    The INACTIVE status indicates the BCRT Long Running Task is not active.

    In case LRT is not active, the CICS job log and MGSUSR can be examined to see why BCRT transaction failed to start.
    Possible reason may be if BCRT had some sort of security authorization problem when it attempted to start. 

    MSGUSR may include the following message to indicate there was a  security violation:
    DFHAC2003 05/20/2018 08:39:25 CICSTEST Security violation has been detected term id = ????, trans id = BCRT, userid =            DFTCICS.


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