Problem with inability to change CI  status once CI is Marked as Deleted

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    Remedy Asset Management Application


    BMC Remedy Asset Management Application



    Problem with inability to change CI status once CI is Marked as Deleted

    LP: BMC Remedy Asset Management Application 7.6.04
    DR: Remedy Asset Management 7.6.04
    DM: CI Relationship 7.6.04

    Details: The CI was showing in Base element to be in Deployed Status. It is not clear if the CI was in In Inventory first but the CI Status was in Delete Status and the User changed the Status to “Being Assembled”. The error message listed below was generated. The only way this could be corrected was through the Base element form.

    Error when trying to update to ‘Being Assembled’ in customer's name as ‘Used By’ Cannot set MarkAsDeleted to "No" on the relationship instance because one or both of the relationship endpoints are MarkAsDeleted. : Rel(clsId:BMC.CORE:BMC_DEPENDENCY instId: AG0050568F0DDDon9cUQg3jKOw-kSI endpoint inst is soft deleted -- InstanceId: OI-DD910160FEFB4B268AE8BDD8C466A2E1, ClassId: BMC_COMPUTERSYSTEM (ARERR 120141)

    Issue Summary: Problem with inability to change statuses




    Legacy ID:KA396389

    Here is the facts: 

    1. User should never be able to revert a CI that is marked is deleted set to Yes. 
    2. There should be and is a rule in place to prevent them from ever changing the status once it has been set as such. 
    3. If you have determined that the status was set in error you need to correct at the source(either ADDM or SCCM and run a purge job to correct it. 

    So bottom line application is functioning(From a CMDB perspective) as designed. So the attention should be put on how and when it got in the delete status and to ensure that Asset Users can never create this scenario. Perhaps it is time to re-visit the precedent rules again regarding status? Users should never have a higher precdent rule than the discovery or import source, otherwise you will continue to have this issue and ultimately corrupt the data. 

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