Remedy - Email Server -  MAPI -  Incoming email not processed when Email Engine service is started from services console.

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    Remedy AR System Server


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    Post Upgrade to Remedy 9.1 SP4 Incoming emails are not getting processed when Email Engine service is started from services console.

    If we start the service from command prompt using EmailStart.bat file Incoming Emails are getting processed.

    While checking the Email Logs get the error:

    <EML> <TID: 37> <FINE > <LoggingModule> /* Tue May 08 2018 08:26:47.897 */ Attempting to Login to incomming mailbox , MailBox Name = incoming/<Incoming MailBox Name Configured in AR System Emailbox Configuration form> 
    <EML> <TID: 37> <SEVERE > <LoggingModule> /* Tue May 08 2018 08:26:48.667 */ Could not connect to Email Profile Name :Remedy Incoming . Email ID: 
    <EML> <TID: 37> <SEVERE > <com.bmc.mail.mapi.MAPINative> /* Tue May 08 2018 08:26:48.667 */ Microsoft Exchange is not available.  Either there are network problems or the Exchange server is down for maintenance. . Email ID: 
    <EML> <TID: 37> <INFO > <ReceiverModule> /* Tue May 08 2018 08:26:48.668 */ *****Receiver [Thread[AGGAA5V0FWQ50AMZTLSEB6W3RQBTUV,5,Receiver Module]] Attempt : 1 failed to open a store will retry after one minute.
    <EML> <TID: 39> <INFO > <LoggingModule> <> /* Tue May 08 2018 08:27:47.378 */ Entering



    The problem was due to bad configuration of MAPI


    1. Post upgrade to 9.1 SP4 if you have the following 32 bit Email Engine libraries

    2. Check whether you are using correct 32 bit JRE path in the system

    3. In this case we found that MAPI profile users Act as a Part of Service permission got removed. We re-added this permission and we were able to get the Incoming emails getting processed when we start the service from Services console.
    Note: Make sure correct MAPI Outlook Profile should be present in Log On tab from Services Console.

    4. Ensure you have permissions listed below if you are facing the same problem

    5. Grant the domain user MAPI email account the Advanced User Rights on the AR System Email Engine system. These two rights are:

      1. Act as part of the operating system  
    2. Log on as a service 
      a. On the system where you are installing the Email Engine to Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy 
      i.  In the Local Security Policy console expand Local Policies  
    ii. Highlight User Rights Assignment  
    iii.In the Policy column double click on Act as part of the operating system, click the Add button to add the MAPI domain account you will be using for the Email Engine.   
    iv.Check if the next .dll files exist in the next locations C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\SysWOW64 
    Note: If the .dll files doesn't exist you can take the files from another environment with the same version or from mid tier folder C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\midtier\WEB-INF\lib 

    If after performing this steps you are still facing an issue , please open a case with BMC support. 


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