Upgrading to version 9.1.04 (SP4) - Notice the error details!

Version 2


    since a few days we are live with version 9.1.04 - only AR Server, Atrium Core and Atrium Integrator. The suite is a completely different story and will follow in a few months. Hopefully we haven't overlooked any of the big things, we're already live.


    I can't remember when it was different, this service pack is not good either . I do not wish to comment further on this, but a little more basic work and quality assurance may well be the case.

    The community is a good place to get information. But I always miss an overview of the most important bugs and mandatory hotfixes for a successful upgrade. I'll change that now and hope it helps you and saves you precious time



    BTW if I remember correctly, SP4 was released in December 2017 and barely 5 months later it seems to be actually usable. Just in time before the SP5.




    update 5/22/2018 - added: midtier web.xml, fts configurtion, updated: source for birt web report error