Installing DWP or SmartIT mobile application on your iOS device throws "Unable to Download App" error.

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    Applies to all versions of Digital Workplace & Smart IT


    Problem Summary #
    When trying to download and install DWP or SmartIT mobile application on your iOS device, receive "Unable to Download App Digital Workplace could not be downloaded at this time." error.

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    The Unable to Download App error is caused due to provisioning profile for the .ipa installer being expired.

    Prior BMC sent out complimentary provisioning profile with the .ipa installer which we no longer supply and once this expires you must resign as Apple has a policy to renew the provisioning profile of iOS apps once in a year. Newer apple device installers now are provided as .xarchive files which need to be resigned to create the .ipa.

    You must resign the application every year with new provision profile. You will need a Apple Enterprise account to generate a provisioning profile. The guidelines for resigning the app, creating provisioning profile is documented below on BMC online documentation below, which also includes video walk through:

    To confirm the application Provision Profile is expired:
    There is also another way of identify Provisioning profile as well as the expiration date if you do not have a device or not download the app on your device. 
               1. Copy the DWP/Smart IT IPA from Smart IT/DWP location to your workstation: 

      Windows :   
    C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\Smart_IT_MyIT\IPA\download\Smart_IT.ipa  
    C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\Smart_IT_MyIT\IPA\download\dwp.ipa or MyIT.ipa  
    /opt/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/Smart_IT_MyIT/IPA/download/dwp.ipa or MyIT.ipa  
      2. Change the extention from IPA to .zip  
    3. open the file embeded.mobileprovision  
                    MyIT : ..\MyIT\Payload\\embeded.mobileProvision  
                   Smart IT:  ..\SmartIT\Smart_IT\Payload\\embeded.mobileProvision  
    4. Search for    ExpirationDate for confirmation on expiry of provisioning profile  
       for example:  <key>ExpirationDate</key>  
      Note: Above shows the profile is going to expire on Dec 01, 2018  
    5. Search for    TeamName for confirmation on provisioning profile used to resign the app  
         For Example:  
      <string>BMC Software, Inc.</string>  
    Note: Above shows the provisioning profile was being used from BMC Software.   
    6. Compare the mobile provisioning profile vs MyIT Entitlement file and check if all parameters are identical.  
    For example : If    keychain-access-groups in mobile provisioning profile has "   ," as below  
    <string>ABC9xxDF.*   , .com.bmc</string>  
    This means, you have to add two items as below, in MyIT Entitlement file  
    item1 as ABC9xxDF.*  
    item2 as com.bmc 
    Below is Apple's offical documenation on IPA resign process/requirements:

    Addition Note:
    If you have the application installed and wish to confirm if it is using the complimentary BMC Provisioning profile you can go to Apple Device > settings > General > Profiles and Device management - In the Enterprise App, you should be able to see the mentioned Provisioning Profile as below: 

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