SRD imported into Service Broker fails to submit with ERROR (38): Invoking custom action returned an error

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    MyIT Service Broker


    After importing an SRD into Service Broker, users are not able to submit the item.

    Logging shows the following error occurring: [ERROR (38): Invoking custom action returned an error. The current transaction is rejected. No update to the database occurs.] at at

    Previous lines in the logging show:

    12-12 10:54:30.910 DEBUG [ArConnectionWrapper][bg service request 2805][Allen>] AR (2ms) PARSE QUALIFICATION ON SRM:QuestionSRD_Def_Choices_Conditions_Questionnaire: '179' = "QSGAA5V0GFGHIAPA6DVUOZ9UHLBD6P" AND '303815700' = "Allen"
    12-12 10:54:30.917 DEBUG [ArConnectionWrapper][bg service request 2805][Allen>] AR (9ms - 0) FROM SRM:QuestionSRD_Def_Choices_Conditions_Questionnaire WHERE ('179' = "QSGAA5V0GFGHIAPA6DVUOZ9UHLBD6P" AND '303815700' = "Allen")


    The Questions in the SRD were formatted as such: 1. Question 1 2. Question 2 It is the 1. and 2. that are causing the issue on the SRD import


    This will be addressed in a future patch/release of SBE

    To work around the issue, do the following:

    - Modify the Questions in the SRD and remove all the numbers from the front of the questions
    - Import the SRD into SBE again

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