BMC Helix Remedyforce Multi Instance CMDB Editor does not Update Records in Custom Class

Version 4
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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce Multi Instance CMDB Editor does not update records in Custom Class.



    If you are not able to multi update instances with the editor on a particular class It is most likely that the problem is that you have a custom field duplicated in both parent and child class, the field can be in one field set or the other but not both of the Parent  and Child.

    Removing the Custom Field from the Custom Class Field Set:
    1. Go to Setup | Click Create | Click Object | Click Base Element
    2. Click Fieldset | Click Edit by the Custom Class Field Set
    3. Locate the duplicated custom field

    NOTE: If you do not know which field is duplicated or where the field is duplicated across fieldsets Click the Remedyforce CMDB tab and in search in the CMDB Class Navigator on the left Set the View to Tree View and then search for the Custom Class.  Make a note of the tree view. Then go back to the fieldsets in Base Elements and Right Click Edit for each of the fieldset and select Open in New tab.  Once all the fieldsets are open compare the fields in each to find the duplicate.


    4. Remove the custom duplicated field from the fieldset | Click Save.
    5. Click the Remedyforce CMDB tab | Select one of the classes with problems  | Click the Multiple Instance Editor icon
    6. Verify you can edit multiple instances of records.



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