Remedyforce Monthly Newsletter - July 2018 Edition

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    This month, in America, we celebrate our independence. While we can't offer you a day off, a BBQ or fireworks we like to think that we provide our customers the tools you need to utilize your solution independently like; Remedyforce Community's blogs, knowledge articles, Q&A and white papers. In this month’s edition get to know the newest member of our growing Remedyforce BRM team, check out our Remedyforce Blogs and feedback from our pilot Business Relationship Manager Value Survey.  We are so excited to be celebrating the launch of Remedyforce Summer 18 this month as well!  Please log into communities and follow this month's top communities contributor!  Enjoy, from the entire Remedyforce Organization!



    Members Spotlight

    Top Communities Contributor

    The Remedyforce Community is an integral part of our customer's success.  There is a wealth of resources like blogs, knowledge articles and the ability to ask questions about the product.

    Kadar Zavar.JPG


    This month we would like to highlightkedar zavar  as a top contributor to the Remedyforce Community.  Kedar is Salesforce certified, has the Remedyforce Certification and the Remedyforce Service Delivery Certification. We thank you for your contribution to the success of our customers and this community!  Check out his latest blog in this edition!


    BRM Corner

    Yogesh Kumar.jpg

    Yogesh Kumar started with BMC in June 2015 as Production Manager, he has previously worked for Tata as an Assistance Project Manager.  Later in Oct 2016 he moved to the Business Relationship Management team under Remedy as a Service. He is ITIL certified and has a Bachelor’s degree in Technology. He is very enthusiastic in roles which involve customer interaction and is motivated to insure his customers successful with their purchase.


    Yogesh is Originally from Dehradun, India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, which makes him a big lover of nature. Swimming, writing and painting keep him busy in his spare time.



    Things You Need to Know

    Product News

    Summer 18.JPG

    This blog by Richard Would should prepare you very well for the sizzling new features included in the BMC Remedyforce Summer 18 releaseThis great new release is available right now to download from the Salesforce app exchange.  Read all about the exciting new features here: Remedyforce Summer 18 Features


    Recent Blogs

    In this blog kedar zavar will talk about some of the important check boxes which will help admins with initial setup, user access, permissions. Read about it here: BMC Remedyforce Admin Cheat Sheet - I


    Upcoming Events


    User Group Meeting in Dallas TX on July 31, 2018:  1 PM - 3 PM (EDT) Come join us for the next Dallas User Group meeting featuring new Product Capabilities.  Members of the Product Management Team Virginia Leandro will be onsite to debut new Cognitive Service Management capabilities and to present the Remedyforce Roadmap.  Learn about Discovery capabilities and how it can add significant value to your Remedyforce Implementation from Solution Engineer Shawn AhmedThis is a great opportunity to connect and network with other Remedyforce users including Michael Booker & Blake Carter, have open discussions and share your product experiences. RSVP Here: Remedyforce User Group Meeting in Dallas, TX on July 31, 2018


    User Group Meeting in London, UK on September 11, 2018:  2 PM - 5 PM (BST)  Come join us for the next London User Group meeting featuring a roadmap session by John Fulton, Principal Product Manager, customer case studies and much more. This will also be a great opportunity to network immediately following the meeting.  RSVP Here:  Save the Date! London BMC Helix Remedyforce User Group - Tuesday September 11th 2018



    Knowledge Articles

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    Articles from the BMC Knowledge Base: The public Support Knowledge Articles (that you found on Support Central) are now appearing directly on this community

    Explore articles from our support experts.

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    Articles from the BMC Knowledge Base: Explore articles from our support experts. Engage (like, bookmark, rate...) on them to let us know how we’re doing.


    We Are Listening


    BRM Value Survey – UPDATE!

    Ireland meeting 2.jpg

    In June 2018, BMC conducted a pilot survey of our SaaS customers to determine how you perceive the value of the Business Relationship Manager role, and how it should evolve to meet your changing demands. We listened and are taking the feedback seriously – and we’re ready to begin sending out the survey to all of our SaaS customers (as long as you *opted in to receive emails from Remedyforce!). As a result of these pilot surveys, as well as feedback collected through other means such as service reviews, our Ease of Doing Business surveys and via our Community – we are already making a number of changes in the next coming weeks and months.

    Surveying our customers is one of many BRM initiatives that are underway for the rest of the year and into next, to help improve your experience with Remedyforce. Here’s a great picture of the Remedyforce BRM Team Leaders (and the Remedy as a Service Business Relationship Managers) that got together a couple weeks ago in Kilkenny, Ireland to collaborate and begin executing on those improvement initiatives.

    Ireland meeting.jpg

    Check back here next month where I’ll be providing more results and updates as a result of our approach of:  “we asked you / we heard you / now we’re acting on it!”


    *To opt in to receive important updates like surveys and product information & release schedule updates please contact your BRM or email us at and let us know you'd like to receive product notifications.


    Vote it up!

    When users are adding a note on to ticket, is there any way of changing the colour of the 'add note' button.  Feedback from users is that they click on the 'submit' button resulting in the note being lost. Vote here: Change the colour of the add note button


    Preparing August Newsletter

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