In TSCO How to switch from http to https Protocol

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    I have a CO that is working on http. How do I switch to https protocol?




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    Using silent installer


    In order to do this, you have to run the installer on the AS and select to use HTTPS instead HTTPS.


    you have to put this property on the install file that refers to the TSCO Application Server component:

    -J _ENABLE_HTTPS_=true

    By using the silent installer, you have to set the property only for the first AS and run the reconfiguration on the other ASs without changing the template files


    Using Install Wizard

    (a) Execute the Wizard on the Application Server and select 'Reconfigure' mode. Click next 
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    (b) Select the component Application Server to be reconfigured. In this example all components are chosen by default 
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    (c) Select the protocol to be used (HTTP or HTTPS) 
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    (d) If no Database password is required to be updated, select '  No, I do not need to update Database users password
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    (e) Review the installation Preview and click on 'install' button  
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    (f) At the end, the install is successful. The installer prompts a message indicating that the update was completed successfully.  
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    Key points


    About the ETL Engines, you need to reconfigure only the Remote ones. Nothing to do with the standard ones.


    If you have multiple Application Servers reconfigure all of them, starting from the first one installed. Only for this first one, the installer will propose to change from HTTP to HTTPS. For the other ones, just run the installer in 'Reconfigure' mode without changing any setting.


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