Remedyforce Monthly Newsletter - May 2018 Edition

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    May is here and our Remedyforce team is a force to be reckoned with.  This newsletter is full of team contributions from upcoming releases to blogs, knowledge articles and updated educational content.  Phase one of the Remedyforce Summer 18 Early Access Program (EAP) is now open and ready for your access requests!  Also in this edition - get to know our featured Business Relationship Manager Marc Harris in the BRM Corner, check out the details on our upcoming BMC Exchange Chicago 2018 and as always, please check out our Remedyforce Blogs including Amit Jaiswal’s blog that explains the Task Controller and what it does and a helpful blog on the Salesforce API Endpoint change that was announced some time ago.  Don't forget to also check out our updated Remedyforce Education courses to get the most out of your solution. Remember, Do or do not, there is no try…  Enjoy, from the entire Remedyforce Organization!

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    Members Spotlight

    BRM Corner


    Marc Harris is a lead Customer Success Manager based in Canberra, Australia. With over 18 years in the IT industry. The majority of this time has been working with global software organizations in customer facing roles, focusing predominantly in the Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) region. Marc has built and managed high performing teams across the APJ region in multiple post sales facets including Technical Support, Customer Success, Project Management & Services. He focuses on building strong, lasting customer relationships and works to ensure that customers have the best possible experience and outcome from every interaction and that they succeed on their digital service management journey. Marc holds multiple Microsoft professional certifications and is ITL v3 certified.


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    Product News

    We are very excited to announce that Phase 1 of the Remedyforce Summer 18 Early Access Program (EAP) is now open! The Early Access Program lets you get exclusive access to the upcoming Remedyforce Summer 18 release (hosted in our Sandbox) as well as insight into the release, demos, and access to our product management team as well as some of our R&D team.  Your first step is to sign our Pre-Release Agreement which can be found here: Pre-Release AgreementsOnce the agreement is signed you can request access to the Summer 18 Early Access Program here:  Remedyforce Summer 18 Early Access Program



    Recent Blogs

    Amit Jaiswal has written a blog that explains the Task Controller and what it does.  Read it here: BMC Remedyforce: Incident & Linked Tasks - Unleash the hidden


    Nancy Hinich-Gualda published a quick blog on the Salesforce API Endpoint change that might be of interest. Read it here: Salesforce API Endpoint Change - Gentle Reminder


    Virginia Leandro Published the latest Salesforce Tech update.  Learn about the features in the Salesforce Summer 18 release which include Site Switches, Instant Refresh, Salesforce Maintenance Schedual and much more!  Read it here: Salesforce May 2018 Tech Update



    Knowledge Articles

    Articles from the BMC Knowledge Base: the public Support Knowledge Articles (that you found on Support Central) are now appearing directly on this community

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    Upcoming Events

    BMC Exchange Chicago 2018 There's never been a more exciting time to be in IT. When you attend BMC Exchange Chicago, you'll get insights and best practices to maximize your IT investments while advancing your career path and your professional connections. Register here June 13, 2018 8:30am - 7:00pm (CST)



    This document is designed to explore the Remedyforce Customer Education Path whether you are looking to become more familiar with the product or if your intention is to become Remedyforce Certified. From our Web Based Training series to to our Remedyforce Certification, there is a wealth of Remedyforce education to build your skills and set your organization up for success! Get all details  Remedyforce Customer Education

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