Remedy ARSystem - FTS collection folder for SRM:Request and TMS:Task occupying large amount of disk space

Version 8
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    AR System Server 8.1.x, 9.0.x, 9.1.x+


    FTS Collection Directory is occupying large amounts of disk space and additional compute resources on the initial indexing phase.

    You can confirm if you're affected by this if you see any TABLE fields that contain an FTS Index selected.  The example used below is for SRM:Request, but this can affect other forms.

    If you enable FTS Indexing logging you'll be able to see a log line like below (where SRM:Request's schemaId is 1833):

    Indexing table field data for schema 1833, field 10000523.
    The core problem ends up being that after checking the form 'SRM:Request', there is no FTS enabled fields.  The expectation is that FTS would not run on this form.



    This occurs because indexing was enabled for "table" field types on SRM:Request that contains 14 columns that lives on SRM:WorkInfo


    The essential fix for a issue like this is to NOT index a table field.  This will cause extra CPU usage and extra Disk usage on the FTS Indexer server and possibly the database server.  This is enabled by default because these records are indexed with the main record so they're searchable.  Not all customers need this functionality and would rather reclaim some of the disk space that disabling this might provide.  This is not considered a defect by BMC, and this documentation is provided 'as is' for a method to achieve these extra goals.

    Steps to resolve:

    1. Open Developer Studio.
    2. Switch to Base Development mode.
    3. Open the 'SRM:Request' form.
    4. Select the field 'z2TH_WorkInfo' (
    5. Change the Database 'Index For MFS' to False.  (Hint: This is a selection field, not a free type field.  It will appear grayed out, but it can be modified.)
    6. Save the changes to the form.

    In 9.1.x+ systems, this should not require a restart.

    NOTE: This change is required in base development mode and these customizations will be lost in a upgrade.

    Other common forms that this has been found to cause a issue are, 'HPD:Help Desk', 'WOI:Work Order', and 'TMS:Task'.  The same steps can be followed for TMS:Task.  These steps can be used with any table field, on any form, in the ITSM system or even in a custom application.

    To help identify additional table fields with FTS enabled, please run the following SQL statement directly on the database.

    SELECT schemaId, tfSchema, fieldId, fullTextOptions, FROM field_table WHERE fullTextOptions=1;

    NOTE: If you're using ITSM/SRM 8.1, before making this change please validate the table's qualification is as follows: 
    ('SRInstanceId' = $InstanceId$) AND (('WorkInfoType' = $z1D_ShowWorkInfoType$) OR ($z1D_ShowWorkInfoType$ = "ALL") OR ($z1D_ShowWorkInfoType$ = " "))



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