Remedy - ITSM/Server - How to enable client side logging for Remedy

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    All versions.


    How to enable client side logging for Remedy to capture the details of a problem?


    In order to capture the client side logging in Remedy please follow the below steps:

     1. On the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Home page.
     2. Select Applications > AR System Administration > AR System Administration Console 
     3. Expand the main menu User Preferences and select My User Preferences.
     4. Select the logging tab.
     5. Under the Client section enable Active Links to Yes.
     6. Under the Server section enable API, Filter and Database to Yes.
     7. Press Save.
     8. A warning will be displayed: "You have modified your preference using AR System User Preference form. You will need to log in again for these changes to take effect."
     9. Log out and log back in.
    10. Logging is taking place in a separate window.
    11. Reproduce the problem.
    12. Copy the information out of the window into a document to send to support.
    13. Set all logging to No, log out and back in to verify the logging process has ended.

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