If the Reported Source field is added to Smart IT it will automatically set it 'Web' by default while creating Incidents

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    As discussed this with Engineering team and they confirmed that this is hardcoded in backend code and cannot be changed. Hence it will not be possible to select any other value than Web if the "Reported Source" field is left blank. However there is an IDEA to make this change https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/14307

    However if this field is not editable then it can be made editable using below steps :

    > Login to Smart IT
    > Go to Configuration
    > Screen Configuration
    > In the Incident view select Customer Card
    > Select Reported source you will see the field name populated on the right side.
    > Enlarge by clicking ">" icon/symbol.
    > Check if the option is set to Required.
    > If yes change it to Editable.
    > Then clear the Metadata for Incident Management

    In Smart IT 18.05 and up the field can be editable after the incident is created.

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