TIME command not working in MVBATCH report

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    Trying to run a batch report of a view with a time parameter but the time parameter is not being honored.

    Below are the BATCMD statements used for the JCPUZ view:

    SET BATCMD = + 
    &STR(TIME 9MAR2018 05:00 48H) 
    SET BATCMD2 = + 




    The BATCMD needs to open the JCPUZ view first, then apply the TIME command.  Also the day must be specified in two digits.  Instead of 9, specify it as 09.

    Here is the correct format for the BATCMD.


    SET BATCMD = + 
    &STR(JCPUZ;TIME 09MAR2018 05:00 48H;IN DATE;IN TIME ) 


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