Remedy Smart Reporting - User Sync Troubleshooting

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    9.1 , 9.1.02, 9.1.03


    • User Sync Troubleshooting.


    Verify the next information on the next AR forms.

    UDM:Variable form.

    1- Look for the next variables and verify they have the right values:
        -BMC_AR_SERVER_HOST_NAME: enter the Primary AR server host name
        -BMC_AR_PORT: enter the Primary AR port name
        -BMC_USER: enter a AR Admin User
        -BMC_AR_PASSWORD: Enter the password for the user given in the BMC_USER variable.
    In the SmartReportingServer_Info form    

    2. Verify that all the details are correct for the Reporting Server: Hostname, Port, Reporting Server Admin (SIADMIN) and its password and the organization name.

    Make sure that service name field value is also correct.
    -If Smart Reporting is installed with bundle tomcat then value should be /services/AdministratonService.
    -If Smart Reporting is installed with External tomcat then service name should be /services/AdministrationService/SmartReporting.

    Note: Make sure that the information on this form points to the correct Environment.
    3. Go to UDM:ExecutionInstance form
        - Look for the UserSyncInstance name.
        - change the Log Level to DEBUG
    4. Go to RSR:ExecuteUserSyncConfig form and make a search you will only see one entry
        - on the variable Z1D_Action change the value from CREATEENTRY to STARTENTRY and save it this will trigger the user sync.
        - If the value is set to STARTENTRY change it to CREATEENTRY. Save it and change it to STARTENTRY again. this will trigger the user sync.
    5. Go to UDM:ExecutionStatus form
        - search for: Type:Job , Name:UserSyncUtil_Job , ExecutionInstanceName: UserSyncInstance
        - Collect the new logs and share them with us.

    As a last resource we will need to try to run the User with the spoon client.

    6. Open the Spoon Client tool and connect to the Primary AR server
    - Search for the User Sync Transformation
    - Provide the BMC vaiable details (AR PRimary server details)
    - Provide the Reporting variable details(Smart Reporting Server)
    - Provide the Organization
    - Launch the transformation.
    - go to the loggin tab and retrieve the log and share it.

    Note: If you have SSL enable, make sure to add the Smart Reporting server certificate to the AR System Java trust store which runs the escalations. 

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