BMC Atrium Core-CMDB - “Promote Sandbox Changes in Progress” from Impact Model Designer

Version 6
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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    Atrium explorer and Impact Model Designer :promotion of ci's.


    After using Impact Model Designer to design a new Service Model, and perform a “Promote Sandbox”, the system permanently shows “Promote Sandbox Changes in Progress”. 
    After closing Browser and clearing cache, the same Message appears in the Impact Model Designer. 


    - RE was not registered with AR Dispatcher - RE terminated itself due to above errors - CMDB engine, REST and Services jar was present in AtriumCoreCMDB installation


    - Removed the above mentioned jar files from AtriumCoreCMDB folder 
       1. cmdb-9.1.03-SNAPSHOT
       2. cmdb-rest-9.1.03-SNAPSHOT
       3. cmdb-services-9.1.03-SNAPSHOT

    - Restarted AR server to resolve the issue

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