ITSM4Outlook v2 GA update is now available!

Version 7
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    So, what is ITSM4Outlook?... Well, for starters, it is not an email management tool…

    It’s best described has as an embedded Remedy Client that happen to be very good at email management!



    A few facts about ITSM4Outlook:

    • First, it is not web based! For better and for worse, but this is kind of the point.
    • It is a server/'thick client' application. Nowadays, I think cool kids call them 'Apps'
    • The integration interfaces with the classic midTiers web services (soap), hence no additional infrastructure change is required.
    • The Server component interfaces needs first to be deploy within the Remedy ITSM instance.
    • The Server component is as touchless and standalone as possible - read: 'no added upgrade headache'. Just a few def files to manually import with developer studio.
    • The client is a simple 'msi' file that is installed on your workstation, along Microsoft Outlook (windows only).
    • It supports RSSO authentication, which by the way should be preferred over standard password authentication (more secure).
    • Clients can be configured via registry to provide users with a seamless experience. This is usually achieved with GPOs or pushed during the deployment.

    ITSM4Outlook is a support staff interface, in that way similar to Smart-IT. It doesn’t handle (yet) the self-service side of Remedy ITSM.




    ITSM4Oulook won't provide you with the full range of Remedy ITSM functionalities. Beyond the obvious email bridging helpers, it aims to keep a convenient, always at hand access to ITSM’s most wanted features.


    Here is a pick at what it can do:

    • Submit ITSM record directly from Outlook
    • Preserve email formatting by automatically attaching the source email in the work logs
    • Keep track of your workload and update your ITSM tickets directly from within Outlook
    • Easily add work info’s by copy/paste, drag/drop, screen clipping…
    • Intuitive search
    • Custom Views
    • Collaborative "reply in a can" Email templates (can be hosted on SharePoint)


    And, as a drawing is worth thousands of words, you should definitely check out the ITSM4Outlook Screenshots!


    What is the Community Edition?

    In a nutshell, it is a FREE, production usable version of ITSM4Outlook. It is limited to a 100 users though. The goal is for Remedy users to get to know ITSM4Outlook and appreciate its benefits… for free! If you are getting serious about it, we invite you to go PRO and support us by joining our customer base.

    Understandably, it will only count with our best effort support. Nevertheless, I hope that through time, passion and enthusiasm, it will grow into a truly community driven project!


    A last, a few words on customizations.

    Although ITSM4Outlook does indeed support a wide range of customizations, the integration process isn’t yet properly documented nor do we provide the comprehensive toolset for such a matter to be wildly available. Hence, for the time being, customization services will stay in the professional/enterprise realm of our offering.


    So, without further ado, please welcome the new ITSM4Outlook Community Edition!

    Warm up the lab, Download it and get your geek on!


    How to Articles:


    I'm joining the "Server Component Integration Guide" PDF to provide you already with some useful insights on the deployment process. Updated

    Yet, remember that the latest version should be found in the server component package.