Remedy - Server - The Approval debug log cannot be enabled, the log is not being created

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server 9.1.04 / 9.1.04 Patch001


    Performing the following:

    1) Go to Applications > Quick Links > Approval Administration Console > Server Settings

    2) Check "Approval Debug Mode" and select "All" from Approval Debug Type drop-down list.

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    The Approval Debug file (arapprov.log) is not generated on the file system.

    Also the parameter Debug-mode is not being updated indicating the Approval Debug log activation did not take place.


    Defect: SW00542004


    This behavior was identified as a defect:
    SW00542004 - Getting ClassCastException in javaplugin log when Approval log is enabled

    The defect is addressed in 9.1.04 Patch 002 - Remedy - ARS (Patch 002) Corrected issues/defects (AR System Suite)

    There are a couple of ways to proceed:
    1- Apply the 9.1.04 Patch 002.
        Check the following:
        Download and apply the patch
        Remedy - ITSM / Server - How to deploy a Remedy patch using the AR Deployment Console and arpayloaddeploymentutil utility

    2- If the Patch cannot be applied and while being on v.9.1.04 or 9.1.04 Patch001, use the attached .jar file (arasj91_build003.jar)
        To apply the .jar file do the following please:
            a- Go to the Approval installation directory ....\approval\bin
            b- Backup the existing "arasj91_build003.jar".
            c- Stop ARSystem.
            d- Place the provided .jar file.
            e- Start ARSystem.


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