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    Default BCM software inventory filter only keep 2 first digits in software version, how can I modify it to keep now 3 first digits ?




    You can either remove or modify the 'Only keep the first 2 parts in version' software inventory filter.

    Here is how to Modify the Software inventory filter.

    Step 1: Go to Global Settings -> Inventory Filters -> Software Inventory.
    Software Filter creation

    Step 2: Now browse the software inventory Cleaning Filter called "Only Keep the first 2 parts in version"

    Click on MODIFY Tag
    Edit Modify tag
    Now make changes to Match and Data
    Modify the Data and match

    Match = ^([^.]*)\.([^.]*)\.([^.]*)\.(.*) Data = \1.\2.\3
    If you want to increase more parts in version then we could also do that. 
    For 4 parts:   
    Match = ^([^.]*)\.([^.]*)\.([^.]*)\.([^.]*)\(.*) Data = \1.\2.\3.\4
    Once done click OK and save it (To save you need to right click on context area of modify tag or from menu bar.) 

    Step 3: Once saved, now click on the assigned objects -> Assigned the devices or device group where you want to the grab this details. 
    Assign the device group

    Click on Activate Software Filter. 

    Step 4:   Now Once the software filter activated we need to re-collect the software inventory again.  
    • Go to Operational Rules.
    • Create new operational rules
    • Add steps "Update Software Inventory"
    • Assigned the device group or devices.
    • Once executed wait for 10-12 mins for all updated software inventory.
    Step 5: Once all procedure, now we have to Generate new report for collecting all the information with versions. 

    Output of report:


    Check KA 000154602 to learn how to deploy this new filter to the next devices you'll deploy.


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