How can I setup my Control-M jobs to rerun on failure and send notification only on the failure of the rerun?

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    1. Control-M job will attempt one rerun on failure.
    2. No emails should be sent after first failure.
    3. Job should wait 5 minutes from end of failure before rerunning.
    4. If job fails on the rerun, send email and post condition if necessary.
    5. If job completes successfully on first attempt or the rerun, then no email is sent and standard conditions are posted.



    Legacy ID:KA415121

    Recommended solution: 

    1. Schedule the job as Cyclic: 

    Rerun every 5 Minutes, from job's End 
    Maximum Reruns =2 

    2. Use the following On Do Actions: 

    When Job ended OK 
    Stop cyclic run 

    When Job's number of Failures = 2 
    Send mail notification to 
    Add Condition [your_condition_name, Order Date] 



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