When trying to run a report from Control-M Automation API, the following error occurs:  failed to get report REPORTNAME

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M Automation API


    Control-M Automation API PADEV combined with Enterprise Manager 9.0.18


    When trying to run a report in the Reporting Facility of Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.18 from Automation API the following error occurs with the example report named Alerts1

    bash-4.2$ ctm reporting report::get Alerts1
    "errors": [
    "message": "failed to get report Alerts1"

    When running the report from the Reporting Tool, it runs successfully.


    Potentially incorrect configuration or the user to run the report does not own it.


    From Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.18 onwards there is a new Reporting Tool that resides on the Control-M/Enterprise Manager server host. It can be used in Automation API.

    • Make sure that the report really exists and that it is owned by the user who requests it from Automation API. Other users do not have access.
    • Check, if the web server is configured for SSL. If not, in the file $EMHOME/Client_Updates/conf/web_server_params.xml the tag "IS_HTTPS" should be set to false and the port set to 18080.
    • Make sure that the user needs to have permission for Client Access - automation API as well as Monitoring & Administration Tools - CLI
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