Why are some knowledge articles disappearing from BMC Communities?

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    Why are some Knowledge Articles disappearing on BMC Communities?

    There are three situations which can cause this behavior:

    1. Defect in integration


    There is a defect in the integration which causes the document to be briefly visible in the product community before being moved to a hidden temporary staging community where the documents are appended with appropriate labels.   We are working on correcting this issue.  >>  This defect is fixed as of March 25, 2018


    2.Pulling, correcting, and re-releasing knowledge articles.


    The documents on BMC Communities should stay synchronized with the knowledge articles in our Knowledge base.  Occasionally, a knowledge article causes further problems so it is pulled from public view which Customer Support makes changes to address those problems.  The document on BMC Communities is deleted when the Knowledge Article is marked as no longer public.   When the knowledge article is corrected and marked Public again, the article re-appears on BMC Communities.


    In cases where Customer Support already knows what changes are required to correct the article, it is updated without pulling it.  In these cases, the disappearing behavior never happens.


    3. Bulk Deleting obsolete articles


    Customer Support occasionally culls the knowledge base of obsolete and unused knowledge, and this causes the documents to be deleted from BMC Communities to stay synchronized with the knowledge base.   This is done rarely and conservatively as customers may be using older versions of BMC products.