How to fetch multiple entries using Get Entry By Query

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    MyIT Service Broker


    MyIT Service Broker


    MyiT SB 3.4 and below versions


    I am trying to fetch the "Approver Signature" id from "SB:ServiceRequest-Detail-Signature" form. I am able to fetch this id for a single Approval Process present in the workflow. I am fetching this by comparing with the Order ID.
    For Example: (("'Order ID__c' = """ + ${processContext.Context.orderId}) + """") 

    Now If there are multiple approval process involved in a single workflow, and if I need to fetch multiple "Approver Signature" Id, how shall I fetch?

    Because Get Entry By Query, allowing only one entry to be fetched.


    Currently in Service Broker, the Get Entry by Query only deals with a single entry and this requirement will go as an enhancement in Service Broker.

    Please raise an IDEA in BMC Communities

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