Journey of BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite from 8.1 to 9.1

Version 1
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    ITSM Version
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    9.1.XA better user experience
    • ITSM data access model has been enhanced. The SLM feature for data archiving has been enhanced.
    • BMC Knowledge Management now supports KCS and search result relevancy has been improved.
    • New Process_Event web-service operation has been provided to create or update an incident, relate an event to an incident, and consolidate related incidents.
    • Out of the box, BMC Remedy Smart Reporting now provides a Service Dashboard that provides detailed information about registered BMC Remedy AR System services.
    • User onboarding has been enhanced (User creation filter criteria for onboarding, Onboarding users from multiple companies in bulk).
    • With the addition of new out-of-the-box KCS reports, BMC Remedy Smart Reporting provides reporting capability for measuring the KCS defined assessment metrics. BMC Remedy Smart Reporting includes KPI metrics for different ITIL processes out-of-the-box. This release of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting provides GeoPacks. An additional Storyboard theme is provided with this release of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. JDBC capabilities have also been enhanced.
    • Process Designer now supports Hierarchical Groups support.
    • Enhancement of Unified Data Management and Onboarding Wizard to support hierarchical groups.
    • Decoupling reconciliation activity for BMC Remedy ITSM CI and Asset data loaded through Data Management
    • DMT:SHM:Schedule_RunSchedule and DMT:DJS:SetStatus DMT escalations to run in parallel
    • KCS has been enhanced and registration of View Forms have been supported.
    • Performance for Change Approvals has been enhanced. Decision tree has been enhanced.
    • AR System server production-ready configuration settings
    • The BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility has been integrated with the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite installers
    • The BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility is installed at <InstallDirectory>\ARSystem\arsystem as part of the AR System server installation
    • Configuration checks are updated and deprecated.
    • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 platform and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.0 database
    • BMC Remedy ITSM Suite data access model is enhanced and group assignment configuration is supported.
    • User-friendly interface for administration tasks related to onboarding users
    • Report sharing via email. Support to connect with a read-only replicated AR database
    • Enhancement to notifications in load-balanced environments. Integration with Microsoft Lync is deprecated
    • Configuring rules for requests from automation system is supported. The details of an automation task associated with a change record can be viewed.
    • Define Integration and Schedule job commands.
    • Third-party integration and Template selection rules are implemented.
    • Support to enable all the task templates for Change-Initiated job and integration with Microsoft Office 365 applications
    • New DLP Configuration Wizard, permission added in Remedy, DLP:Events Form, Data compliance reports, ARUpsert step, importing the People form data using LDAP, UI for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting, KPIs for incidents and work orders, BMC Knowledge Management reports, RTF editor to format knowledge articles, RTF editor.
    • Updated values for AR System server parameters that ensure efficient onboarding of bulk data
    • Cancel or delete multiple dataload jobs from the Job Console. Dataload job templates that do not support data updates can be identified. The processed data can be cleaned more efficiently. Error notification can be sent for failure of dataload job at Load and Promote.
    • Values for AR System server parameters ensure efficient onboarding of bulk data.
    • Documentation for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 9.1.03 and BMC Release Management reports.
    • New semantic view and out-of-the-box report for BMC Asset Management CI data
    • Setting time zone when onboarding users to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting
    • Enhanced subquery capability and AR JDBC capabilities

    Version 9.1.00 enhancements

    9.1.01: Service Pack 1

    9.1.02: Service Pack 2

    9.1.03: Service Pack 3

    Installation and upgrade
    • Call Home functionality to collect diagnostic information.
    • Update Permission utility for the BMC Remedy Process Designer.
    • Enhancements in Multi-tenancy and zero downtime upgrade.
    • Platforms and Applications enhancements have also been done in this release.
    • New upgrade planning document and simplified upgrade documentation
    • Changes to recommended upgrade processes and to procedures for setting up staging systems. Preparing to install or upgrade processes have also been modified.
    • The BMC Remedy ITSM installer, BMC Remedy Service Request Management installer, and BMC Remedy Service Level Management installer are bundled with a configuration check utility each. Defining the support groups can be displayed in the assignment menus.
    • Sample upgrade project plans and correction to zero-downtime upgrade pre-requisite and post-requisite tasks
    • Multi-phase Remedy application installation or upgrade to decrease the outage window. Installation and upgrade timing reports are provided.
    • BMC Remedy ITSM upgrade with simultaneous hierarchical group upgrade
    • Ability to upgrade secondary Remedy platform servers in parallel
    • Supports Pentaho version
    • Automated copy of BMC Atrium CMDB attributes to BMC Remedy ITSM foundation during upgradeand automated process during upgrade. BMC Remedy ITSM Suite upgrades proces, Installation and upgrade on secondary servers become faster.
    9.0.XInstallation and upgrade
    • Separate online documentation for installation and upgrade information.
    • New smart reporting solution, utility to promote data or code from development to production environment, New Archiving solution.
    • Use Onboarding wizard to update data and LDAP integration for People data.
    • Enhanced Online help implementation and Deployment.
    • Platform and application enhancements.
    • The BMC Remedy ITSM installer, BMC Remedy Service Request Management installer, and BMC Remedy Service Level Management installer are bundled with a configuration check utility each.When the installer is run, it invokes BMC Remedy pre-upgrade checks specific to the application being installed.

    Version 9.0.00 enhancements



    9.0.01: Service Pack 1

    Better user experience
    • Archiving of service requests and work orders and Decision tree enhancement.
    • Security vulnerabilities addressed with the inclusion of BMC certificate
    • The assignment menus are extended to the task, template, activity forms of BMC Task Management, Activity, BMC Release Management, BMC Change Management, and BMC Service Request Management.
    • Enhancement of Unified Data Management and Onboarding Wizard to support hierarchical groups
    • Decoupling reconciliation activity for BMC Remedy ITSM CI and Asset data loaded through Data Management
    • DMT:SHM:Schedule_RunSchedule and DMT:DJS:SetStatus escalations will run in parallel.
    • KCS enhancements and support for registration of View Forms
    • Enhanced performance for Change Approvals: the approval signature process fetches mappings in a way that will minimize the result-set to the extent possible considerably improving performance.
    8.1.XBetter user experience
    • The Next-generation Change Calendar is an enhanced calendar tool that provides a more intuitive and visually appealing experience for users.
    • Users can now approve requests via email.
    • Usability improvements in the core BMC Remedy ITSM applications include: Application menu simplification, Rows in the Overview console are now sorted according to the header on which you click, Additional columns can be added to the Overview console
    • A simplified installation processincludes the following changes:Reduced number of panels in the installer, Related input requests grouped on the same panel, Configuration modules removed from the installer
    • Enhanced overlays capabilities simplify upgrades
    • BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1.00 now supports IPv6 networks.
    • The data wizard now supports BMC Knowledge Management and BMC Service Request Management forms when you modify Foundation data. For information about using the data wizard, see Overview of the data wizard.
    • Version 8.1.01 adds support for loading more CI classes by providing you with a way to extend the transactional CI data load. For more information about this enhancement, see Modifying Data Management CI jobs to add customizations.
    • You can now designate a default carte server in environments that use server groups. This eliminates the chance of random misdirection to the wrong AR Server when performing data imports. For more information about this enhancement, see Designating a default carte server.
    • Enhanced user interface to view license type details, .reconciliation details for a CI, simplified process for creating relationships, easy management of license type status, enhanced options for receiving bulk inventory.
    • Additional search criteria for the CI advanced search option
    • Work Information, Counts, Task, Calendar, Change request closure, Notification, Task Phase Management, Collision Detection, Incident Routing enhancement and Data wizard support.
    • Creating and updating records by email
    • Article Conversion Tool enhancements
    • Categorization, integration, and relationship enhancements
    • Common installer for Process Designer Integration and Configuration Tool (PDICT) and Process Designer server
    • Additional actions to create and manage new requests
    • Merge data import, UI,  Data Wizard, DVF logging, Product Ordering PDT enhancement
    • Simplified spreadsheets, Data format checking and Onboarding Wizard
    • Data Management configuration now included in the BMC Remedy Configuration check
    • ApproverLookup process-setup data now supported for BMC Remedy Knowledge Management
    • Updates to the Asset Management console
    • Dynamic calculation of the Risk Level value of the Change request
    • Basic information copied for tasks from parent record
    • Defining templates with higher level access for Change Management, Release Management, and Incident Management
    • Updates to permissions for Knowledge Submitter role
    • Approval mapping for Support Groups
    • Impacted areas can now be configured to auto-populate
    • BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer 8.3.04 is released.
    • Advanced mapping, Foundation data ID validation, Work order status reasons , SR Type fields enhancements

    Version 8.1.00 enhancements


    Service Pack 1 for version 8.1.00: 8.1.01


    Service Pack 2 for version 8.1.00: 8.1.02

    • The preconfigured stack installer is now available
    • You can now install language packs with the preconfigured stack. You can install English Only or All Languages.