BSA: bmi within WinPE boot image loops while sending / reading DHCPDISCOVER

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    A bare metal server pxe boots successfully and loads a WinPE boot image. When bmi is called, output similar to the following is displayed:   
    Starting ADAPTER : eth0 : 00-1A-4B-D2-C4-40 IP ADDRESS : STATUS : Active  Finished reading cfg file 001A4BD2C440 created socket bound socket created DHCPDISCOVER send_mesg Number of bytes sent (D)-1sent DHCPDISCOVER to server reading DHCPDISCOVER response
    The last 2 lines repeat indefinitely. 




    Legacy ID:KA305682
    The client either didn't get a reply from the DHCP server, or it encountered an error while parsing the reply.  The DHCP Server should hand out two DHCP options: 211 (BL_AS) and 212 (BL_AP) as noted in the product documentation.

    If the DHCP server cannot hand out these options these options can be set in the WinPE image generated for provisioning
    One can set two environment variables (BL_AS and BL_AP). bmi will read these instead of attempting to retrieve the scope options from the dhcp server.

    With the most recent version of the provisioning external files modify one of the following:

    Prior to the call to bmi near the end of the batch file add the following two lines:
    set BL_AS=x.x.x.x
    set BL_AP=9831

    Set BL_AS and BL_AP to the appropriate values for this environment to the IP of the appserver and the SSL port (9831 by default) respectively. Then rebuilt the WinPE boot image to incorporate this modification.


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