BSA: "Server already exists" error while trying to enroll Server

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite



    BladeLogic Server Automation (BSA) reports the error "Server already exists" while trying to enroll Server




    Legacy ID:KA405247


    This error can be reports if the Server with the given name does indeed already exist in the environment.  It is possible it is not visiable in the Console if the current Role does not have permisson to view the Server. 

    A) First one can run the below blcli commands which will list all the servers under different Roles and confirm if the Server is already in the system:

    1) blcred cred -acquire ( To acquire credentials )
    2) blcli -v <profile_name> -r <role> Server listAllServers (This command lists all servers available to the current role, replacing "<profile_name>" and "<role>" with correct values)

    Try with different roles such as BLAdmins, RBACAdmins and other user defined roles.  If the Server is found under another Role, the Permissions may want to be updated to allow additional Role access.

    B) With access to the BladeLogic database a sql query can be executed to confirm it's status:

    select * from device where name = '<server_name>';
    (In the query replace "<server_name>" with the name of the actual server in question)

    The device_state_id column will tell us the state of the Server within the BSA environment:
    0 = Not Enrolled, A server in this state is in the system but is not fully enrolled
    50 = Enrolled, A server in this state is fully enrolled in the system
    100 = Decommisioned, A server in this state is in the system but is not a functional entity. Its purpose is to preserve history and server as an audit trail

    C) If the query returns a record with device_state_id = 0, then Server is in BSA; however not yet visible in the Console. 

    D) To correct this the Server can be decommissioned with the following blcli command:
    blcli -v <profile_name> -r BLAdmins Server decommissionServer

    Once the Server is decommissioned, try to enroll the Server again.

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