BSA: Deploy Job error: UNDO failed for server [target]. Exit code = -4001

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite



    Rolling back a Deploy Job Run fails with an error message:

    UNDO failed for server [target]. Exit code = -4001




    Legacy ID:KA371279


    This is a general deploy error code, which means that Deploy Job failed to UNDO. In most cases, the error means that at least one or mo re items failed to undo.


    For more information about the item that failed to undo, review bldeploy log which is left on the target under: <RSCD_DIR>/Transactions/log/bldeploy-xxx.log
    Find and review the snippet in the bldeploy log that covers the following section:

    [date] [time] DEBUG bldeploy - [Y][] Undo: Applying id = Y ... ... [date] [time] ERROR bldeploy - [Y][] Command returned non-zero exit code: X

    Y = identifier of the item that failed to undo within blpackage; blpackage can contain multiple items.
    X = some non-zero exit code.


    This section will provide more information about the command or script that executed and led to the exit code X.
    Based on this snippet and the exit code, continue troubleshooting onward.


    Note, that sometimes the undo will fail because something went wrong during the actual deployment of the item, so when troubleshooting, do not limit yourself to undo section of the bldeploy log only.


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