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    How can one read Smart Group member results from the command line via BLCLI?




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    1) Get the Object Type ID for the Smart Group in question;
    2) Use the result from above to get values.


    Example 1: getting a list of members from a Job Smart Group:


    blcli_execute Group groupNameToId $qualifiedGroupName 5006
    blcli_storeenv GroupId
    blcli_execute Job findAllHeadersByGroup $GroupId
    blcli_execute SJobHeader getName
    blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject
    blcli_execute Utility listPrint


    Example 2: getting a list of patch names from a Windows Catalog Smart Group:


    GroupName="/Patch Catalogs/WindowsCatalog/SmartGroup"
    blcli_execute Group groupNameToId "$GroupName" 5017
    blcli_storeenv GroupId
    blcli_execute DepotObject findAllHeadersByGroup $GroupId
    blcli_execute SDepotObjectHeader getName
    blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject
    blcli_execute Utility listPrint
    blcli_storeenv PatchNames


    Example 1: 5006 is the Type ID for a Job Smart Group, whereas a normal Job Group is Object Type ID 5005.
    Example 2: 5017 is the Type ID for Windows Catalog Smart Group.
    You can use the same syntax to look up other Smart Groups:


    5006 - Job Smart Group
    5007 - Server Smart Group
    5012 - Depot Smart Group
    5015 - Component Smart Group
    5016 - Template Smart Group
    5017 - Windows Patch Catalog Smart Group
    5018 - Red Hat Patch Catalog Smart Group
    5019 - Solaris Patch Catalog Smart Group
    5024 - Other Linux Patch Catalog Smart Group
    5039 - Patch Smart Group (in BladeLogic 7.x)
    5044 - PM Device Smart Group


    Note that 5017 through 5024 and 5044 are exclusive to BladeLogic Server Automation 8.x and will not work in 7.x.
    -- this will give you all Type IDs
    SQL: select * from object_type


    BMC constantly develops simpler BLCLI syntax; here are some alternatives to the BLCLI commands above:


    blcli_execute JobGroup groupNameToId $qualifiedGroupName
    blcli_execute SmartDepotGroup groupNameToId $qualifiedGroupName
    blcli_execute ComponentGroup groupNameToId $qualifiedGroupName


    Refer to BLCLI Help for more information.

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