BSA: Deploy Job error: PreCondition Failure reboot requires single-job mode

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite



    Deploy Job fails in simulate phase for the following error message:

    Error: PreCondition Failure reboot requires single-job mode Info: Package contains reboot instructions, and does not contain single-user mode instructions





    Legacy ID:KA369377


    This may happen when the Deploy Job is created via Auto-Remediation (aka: automatically) where the DeployOptions Property Instance is used to pass the deploy options. Within this Property instance, you may have set the reboot option to "Ignore item defined reboot setting and reboot at the end of job". Generally if the Deploy Job requires a reboot, it needs to be run in 'single job mode', and if you were to create the Deploy Job via GUI, the single job mode setting is automatically checked, if you set the reboot options to reboot.


    This is what happens in the auto-remediation scenario:


    You set the REBOOT_OPTIONS to Ignore item defined reboot setting and reboot at the end of job and you do not set IS_SINGLE_JOB_MODE_ENABLED to True so by default it is left at False. When we automatically create the job we set the single job mode option to false, and this causes the Deploy Job error in question.


    SOLUTION For future Deploy Jobs:
    Modify the instance and set IS_SINGLE_JOB_MODE_ENABLED = True


    WORKAROUND For existing Deploy Jobs:
    Open the Job, and click OK. This will reset all the settings and will internally set the single-job mode to True correctly.


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