BSA: Download failing for some Redhat Patches using a BSA Catalog Update Job

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    Redhat Catalog update job in BSA (Version Neutral)


    A BSA Redhat Patch Catalog Update job is failing and the following error is seen in the yum_metadata.generator.log for some failed patches :

    NetworkManager-glib-devel-1.0. FAILED
    NetworkManager-glib-devel-1.4. FAILED
    NetworkManager-glib-devel-1.0. FAILED
    NetworkManager-glib-devel-1.4. FAILED
    NetworkManager-glib-devel-1.0. FAILED

    All the other patches are getting downloaded without any problem.  Note the rpm names may vary.


    Possible issues with Redhat Subscription or network


    Since July 2017 BSA uses the RedHat-provided reposync to download patches from

    To isolate this issue to a problem in BSA or outside of BSA you can run the reposync command manually from the repository server:
    Change directory to the repository location for the catalog and run the command:

    reposync -c ./yum.conf -r <repo>-a <architecture>
    Where   <repo > is the repository name from the   yum_redhat_catalog.repo file in the same directory and   <architecture> is the architecture of the channel you are downloading - eg   x86_64.  For example if your   yum_redhat_catalog.repo contains a channel named   rhel-7-server-rpms you would run:  
    reposync -c ./yum.conf -r rhel-7-server-rpms -a x86_64
    If you are still having problems downloading rpms with reposync at this point and you are using the correct entitlement certificates there may be a problem with your network connection or access to RedHat's network. 


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