After manually migrating connection profiles from Control-M for Advanced File Transfer version 7 or version 8 to Managed File Transfer version 9.0 with fix pack 100, passwords look empty from Configuration Manager

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    Control-M Managed File Transfer


    Control-M MFT


    Control-M Managed File Tranfer version 9 with fix pack 100


    After manually move from old machine the account.dat and keystore to the machine where new MFT 9 version is installed with fix pack 100 applied , a maual migration was performed with command:

    Unix: ./ <AGENT_HOME_DIR>\cm\AFT\data\Accounts.dat --SkipKeys
    Windows: ./migration.cmd <AGENT_HOME_DIR>\cm\AFT\data\Accounts.dat --SkipKeys

    The new created accounts.xml file contains passwords, however when opening the account in Configuration Manager, the password field looks empy an validation test fails.

    Re-tyiping the password in Configuration Manager, makes it work, but we need a solution for all accounts.


    In fix pach 100 the encrypt algoritm was changed from Blowfish to AES and migration performed manually after moving account.dat


    First of all, this problem will not occur if  MFT 9.0.100 is upgraded on the machine where AFT previous version is installed. The upgrade process will manage to change password according to AES..
    If there is the need to manually perform the account migration, please use the following procedure to convert password encrypt from Blowfish to AES:

    1. Backup accounts.xml file


    rename your existing accounts.xml if already you attempted the manual migration




    2. Switch back to Blowfish on MFT


    Run the following command from cm\AFT\exe:


          changePasswordAlgorithm.cmd uninstall




    This will switch back the algorithm to blowfish and update all relevant files




    3. Migrate AFT 8.0 or AFT 7.0 accounts.dat to new format accounts.xml


    Run the following command from cm\AFT\exe:


           migration.cmd <full path to accounts.dat old file> <full path to agent home dir>




    This will result in having all your accounts in the new format, but still with blowfish passwords.


    Please note that it also migrate existing puTTY public key (ppk) files to openshh public key. 




    4. Convert back to better AES encryption


    Run the following command from cm\AFT\exe:






    This will convert back all blowfish passwords to AES passwords




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