Control-M scheduled jobs disappear after New Day Processing

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    Control-M jobs workflows in waiting states disappear or removed after New Day Processing;

    For example:
    - New Day Processing occurs at 12:00AM daily
    - 10 jobs workflow is ordered at 11:55PM daily.
    - The first job in the workflow completes successfully at 11:59PM, but the other jobs that follow in the workflow never gets a chance to run, as they are removed from Active Job File during New Day Procedure.


    Waiting state Control-M Jobs are removed from Active Job File during New Day Procedure by default.


    - Review Control-M job out conditions are set to order date( ODATE ) so that the jobs from down stream in the flow can executes when predecessor jobs completed past New Day Procedure time.
    - Ensure job's scheduling property has 'Active Environment Retention' set to minimum 1 day or more days, according to retention requirement.
    - With 
    'Active Environment Retention' set to 1 day, this will ensure Control-M jobs in waiting states will be retained past New Day Procedure for 1 day.
    - In Control-M version 7 or lower, this scheduling property is 'MaxWait'.
    - From version 9 and later, SMART folder will also has scheduling property 'Active Environment Retention'.

    Please refers to Control-M User Guide of respective versions for more information about 
    'Active Environment Retention' or 'MaxWait'.

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