IT Data Analytics: Not all saved searches are showing in Truesight Presentation Server dashlets

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    TrueSight IT Data Analytics


    TrueSight IT Data Analytics


    TrueSight IT Data Analytics 2.5, 2.7


    Not all saved searches created from the ITDA Console show in the TSPS after creating dashboards.
    Saved search with the usage of tabular commands are not displayed on the TSPS Console. However, we can still create dashboards in the ITDA Console using saved search.
    Search commands which provide tabular output are considered as tabular commands, which include the following:
    timechart, stats, top, rare

    There is a limitation in TSPS which is causing the queries not to display charts.
    You will be able to see saved searches without tabular commands in TSPS console when creating dashboards.

    The following IDEA was created on BMC Communities:

    In case you want to see all saved searches in TSPS, you can add below property to ...\ITDA\custom\conf\server\ and restart the ITDA Server services.

    After that, all saved searches should be visible in the TSPS console when creating Dashboards. Please note that Data may not be seen on dashboards for saved search that contain tabular commands.

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