How does the DBC know which DOMPLEX Profile to use?

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    How does the DBC know which DOMPLEX optionset to use?


    The DOM agent is defined to the DBC repository in install job $480INIT, in step DOMSTRT.
    The definition contains the DOMPLEX that is to be used when the DOM agent is started by the DBC.

    Below is the XML from the $480INIT job that sets the DOMPLEX:
    Where the DOMPLEX parm, &DVDBCDPL, is the DOMPLEX optionset name. 
    The variable &DVDBCDPL can be found in the install JCL lib member $$INCINF.
    NOTE:  The DBCGROUP name and DOMPLEX name do not need to match.  BMC has found that having the DBCGROUP and DOMPLEX names match can make it easier identify which DOMPLEX and DBCGROUP is being used, but it is not required.

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