Special considerations related to the handling of externally stopped objects which are controlled by MainView Total Object Manager (TOM)

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    MainView AutoOPERATOR


    MainView Total Object Manager


    MainView Total Object Manager 2.3 and above


    What needs to be considered when an object is stopped externally?


    When an  object is stopped externally, so outside of TOM,
    - it will not be restarted by TOM in case it is a child object and its parent is not active at the time
      of the stop. This is valid for weak and strong dependencies.
      The status of such a child object will first be set to ACTIVE-ERR and then to STOPPED.
      (Note: The dependency strength is only considered during a stop of an object under TOM control.)
    - the Start Command Count (Start Cmd Count) will not be set to 0 when
      Reset start count at term:   S Yes  
      is set.
      This parameter is only reset, when an object is stopped under TOM’s control.


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