The MainView SRM started task (SVOS) generating many  SVO5052E ERROR ENCOUNTERED IN COSSR366: ERROR WRITING TO MAINVIEW LOGGER messages. 

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    Many of the following errors occurring in the MainView SRM Started Task (SVOS) causing problems with the buffer console:

    SVO5052E ERROR ENCOUNTERED IN COSSR366: ERROR WRITING TO MAINVIEW LOGGER                                                                                                            
    SVO5052E (CONT): MAINVIEW LOGGER API RC=0008 RS=0004                                                                                                                                
    SVO5053I RC=12, RS=012                                                                                                                                                              
    SVO3124W DUMP SUPPRESSED:  DAE DETECTED DUPLICATE DUMP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


         Normally, this is caused by a shortage of DIV blocks in the MVLOGGER DIVDSN dataset. It can be resolved by increasing the size of the DIVBLOCKS parameter in the LOGGERxx parm member allocated to the MVLOGGER started task, and enlarging the DIVDSN dataset defined in the LOGGERxx parm member. When enlarging the DIVBLOCKS VSAM dataset, for every cylinder that the DIVDSN is enlarged, 180 should be added to the DIVBLOCKS parameter. So, if you enlarge the DIVDSN dataset by 10 cylinders, the DIVBLOCKS parameter in LOGGERxx parm member should be increased by 1800.

    You can use the sample JCL in member LSALCDIV in hlq.BBSAMP to define the enlarged DIVDSN dataset.

    After you define the new DIVDSN and increase the DIVBLOCK parameter, you will need to restart the MVLOGGER by issuing MVS command:

    S MVLOGGER,RESET=RESET,RESETA=RESETA this assumes MVLOGGER is the name of the LOGGER started task. 

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