TrueSight Presentation Server - How to import the internal TSPS users/groups into Remedy SSO Single-On (Single platform installer version ONLY)

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    TrueSight Presentation Server


    TSPS Integration with Remedy SSO




    How to import the internal TSPS users/groups into Remedy SSO Single-On Single platform installer version.


    The import user data utility can be used to recreate the default out of the box realm, users and usergroups that the TSPS installer creates.

    Assuming TSPS is on Windows, the instructions are given below.  The steps are also applicable on Linux; just make the translation where needed (e.g. .bat -> .sh)

    Although the utility can be run on any machine that has Java installed and JAVA_HOME environment variable set, its best done from the TSPS machine.
    NOTE: An assumption made is that the JRE that is used for running this utility has the RSSO servers certificate imported into its trust store. For the TSPS JRE it should be true but for JREs on other machine, the import must be done manually using the keytool utility. If RSSO was installed using the TrueSight installer for Remedy SSO 11.0 then that installer generates a self-signed certificate during install and a certificate import need not be done.

    Please perform the following steps to create the default out of the box users and usergroups in the * realm of a new RSSO server which was installed after TSPS was already installed.

    1. Download the attached zip files to a temporary folder on the TSPS machine.

    2. Extract

    3. Extract and send the CSV file to the UserDataMigration-Utility directory.

    4. (If Windows) Run a Command Prompt in Administrator mode.

    5. Change directory to the UserDataMigration-Utility directory.

    6. Invoke the importUserDataIntoRSSO.bat file from the command prompt window as follows after ensuring that the RSSO server being targeted has version 9.1 SP3 Patch 1 and *not* 9.1 SP4. For 9.1 SP4, the import utility will need to be run two times (first time realm creation succeeds but all users and usergroups creation fails, second time around users and usergroups will get created successfully)
          a. importUserDataIntoRSSO.bat -file TSOM_Default_Users_Usergroups.csv -rssoHostName <rsso_hostname> -rssoPort <rsso_port> -rssoProtocol <https/http>
          b. Provide the password for the RSSO server’s “Admin” user. Default password is “RSSO#Admin#”
          c. The import utility is not designed for user passwords to be specified in the CSV file, the passwords will be generated/specified during the import process. Specify n if you want a different random password to be created for each created user or specify y if you want to specify a password of your choice that will be applied to all created users

    7. Once the script completes successfully, log into the RSSO server console and verify that the realm (*), usergroups (16 in number) and users (10 in number) are created successfully.

    How to import the internal TSPS users/groups into Remedy SSO Single-On (Single platform installer version ONLY)

    Change the password for the out of the box users to a password of your choice from the RSSO server console. The bppmws_internal and csm_user internal user accounts MUST be changed following the steps detailed on:

    There is a log file called migrateUserData.log that gets created during the import utility operation, it can be checked for errors if any are encountered.

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