Customize look and feel of Smart IT 2.0

Version 3
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    Smart IT 2.0 offers several customization capabilities to the Administrator. You can configure Smart IT in the following ways:

    Configure ticket profile layout and title bar for incident or change request

    You can add the custom field in any section or subsection of the screen. You can also configure the title bar of incident and change request ticket profiles to add fields and widgets that best suit your business needs. You can add custom fields, and set their field properties.


    Update field properties

    You can update field properties, such as follows:

    • Make fields read-write or read-only
    • Make fields visible or hidden
    • Make fields mandatory or optional
    • Set field absolute values and set field values derived from other data attributes and/or system keywords.

    You can also add expressions to the fields. Expressions help you define conditions based on which the system can make a field required or hidden. For more information, see the Updating the property of fields section in Adding custom views to your fields using Smart IT.


    Improved Incident and Change request views to create, view, and edit tickets

    Incident and Change request views now have additional views—Create Incident View and Create Change View. These views enable you to configure the incident and change request profiles when you are creating tickets. You can specify fields that are required only during ticket creation, you can specify the property of all fields, and place the fields in the appropriate sections.


    Remove or replace a widget

    You can remove existing fields and widgets and place them in the desired section of the ticket view.


    For more information about enhanced customization capabilities, see Adding custom views to your fields using Smart IT