New REST APIs supporting Digital Enterprise Management initiative

Version 2
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    As a part of DEM initiative, with version 9.1.03 BMC offers REST APIs to integrate a third-party application.

    When you integrate an external application with BMC Atrium Core in a hybrid environment, where BMC Remedy IT Service Management is cloud-based and the third-party application is on premises, Java APIs are used to integrate with BMC Atrium Core.  Along with the existing JAVA API, certain REST APIs that are compliant with BMC standards are also available.

    Following are the benefits of using REST API to integrate BMC Atrium Core functions with an external application:

    • Improved integration process
    • Enhanced user experience
    • Reduced hybrid deployment complexity

      You can call the REST API using Swagger UI.

    For more information, see Consuming BMC Atrium Core in external applications using REST API.