Intuitive UI launched for Atrium Core

Version 3
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    With version 9.1.04, CMDB uses the latest application development technology and tools that significantly enhance the security and performance of CMDB. This redesign also gives you a better and faster user interface experience.

    New dashboard

    CMDB now provides an all-new, user-friendly dashboard to manage the CMDB tasks. The new dashboard is persona-based for the Configuration Manager. The main highlights of the dashboard include the following:


    Health Matrix

    The Health metrics section provides two new CMDB health indicators that track the following exceptions:

    • Integrity: This health indicator tracks the orphan and duplicates CIs in the production data set.

    • Completeness: This health indicator tracks the CIs with missing attributes in the production data set.

    The green part of the indicator represents the percentage of successful CIs while the red part represents the percentage of CIs with exceptions in the production

    data set. As part of the new actionable feedback feature in this release, each health indicator also provides a Recommended Actions column that lists the action you can perform to resolve each CI exception.

    Data flow

    The new Data Flow section provides a snapshot of how data flows in CMDB from collection to consumption.

    Consolidated Configurations console

    The new Configurations menu option provides a single console to configure the following features:

    • Core ConfigurationsConfigure Dashboard and Datasources
    • Core Configurations
    • Manage Normalization Rules
    • Manage Reconciliation Rules


    User-friendly walkthroughs

    This release assists new users with a Walkthroughs widget available on various screens. A walkthrough eases onboarding by guiding you with real-time, interactive steps that you perform to achieve a task. The widget also provides links to short videos that introduce you to various CMDB components, such as the new Dashboard, an overview of this release, and so on.



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