Version 4
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    New AR Upsert plug-in

    the LDAP attributes are mapped to the People form fields in the AR Upsert step of an LDAP_People Atrium Integrator job. This step uses a Checksum mechanism to determine if the source record needs to be imported or not. By comparing the Checksum value of the source record and an existing CTM: People record, the step determines if the records are different. Only new and updated records are imported.

    The AR UPsert step saves time by importing only the updated records when the job is run. For more information, see AR Upsert step.


    New REST APIs for BMC Atrium Core

    As a part of the Digital Enterprise Management initiative, certain Remote Procedure Call (RPC) based APIs are exposed through REST to reduce hybrid deployment complexity. The main objectives for introducing new REST APIs are as follows:

    • Expose a new set of CMDB Engine APIs through REST that is consumed by third-party applications through RPC.
    • Make the exposed APIs comply with BMC REST standards.


    For more information, see BMC Atrium Core integration with external applications by using REST APIs

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